HOLiLi outdoor emotions | Handgefertigte Outdoor-Möbel vom Hersteller

Designed for professional and commercial use

German manufacturer of modern outdoor furniture

For the finest hotels & private residences worldwide

HOLiLi is a young German company whose philosophy is to combine craftsmanship and expertise with the passion to create unique modern outdoor furniture.

Since our foundation in 2005, this has not only translated into setting a high standard for ourselves and the beauty and functionality of our furniture, but it has become our commitment to quality and reliability. We serve both our employees and our customers.

With our honest and solid craftsmanship, we at HOLiLi produce furniture with character that is as unique as the people who make it. In our own production facility on the Indonesian island of Java, 150 employees strive to give each piece of furniture its individual touch and to perfect its function and design.

The secret lies in the numerous small individual steps that must be followed when creating unique pieces of the highest quality. Extensive quality checks after each step in the production process, followed by a comprehensive quality assurance test before the item is sent out, play an important role in our production process.

We strive for excellence, which is why we support new ideas like the incentive scheme we initiated that enables each individual team member to contribute his share to the success of HOLiLi outdoor emotions - Modern outdoor furniture for the finest hotels and private residences worldwide.